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Laetitia Keok (she/her) is a writer and editor from Singapore. She is currently pursuing a BA (Honours) in English Literature, with a minor in Creative Writing. Her reading and research interests are in contemporary Asian and Southeast Asian literatures.


Much of her work deals with the themes of grief, family, identity, and ultimately, love. She is interested in reimagining the stories of her childhood. Her writing has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize Anthology, and published in Diode Poetry Journal, Hobart Pulp, and Wildness Journal, among others. Currently, she edits for Gaudy Boy and Sine Theta Magazine. 

She is afraid of pigeons, but learning to be brave. Mostly, she spends her days chasing light—marveling at how it endures, how it falls on everything. You can find her here, or in an endlessly beautiful island-city, waiting for the rain to stop.