2022 Pushcart Prize Anthology

Nominee, for poem "Self-Portrait as Ways I Have Loved You" in Perhappened Magazine

Young Writers' Episode (also featured on Literary Hub)

"Self-Portrait as Ways I Have Loved You" in Micro Podcast — August 2021

"I chose these pieces because of the way they explore tension, specifically the tension between freedom and captivity. In “Self-Portrait as Ways I Have Loved You”, the speaker is trapped in repetition, unable to escape her lover who has become part of her identity. These pieces by young writers are fierce, vulnerable and compelling." (episode curator, Grace Q. Song)

Anger in Female Literature 

Interview in Tongue Tied Magazine — January 2017

"Make messy, angry art. Write like it's reopening new wounds, write in capitals, write like you're screaming, be loud about it. Anger is so so powerful, embrace it and let it be your voice. Use that anger, use your rage, and make something raw and real and honest out of it."


Half Mystic Journal, Issue VI: Grazioso Launch 

Singapore — 4 January 2019